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    14 Zero-Waste Kitchen Swaps for an Eco-friendly Home

    Updated May 18, 2023


    In today's world, it's becoming increasingly important to live a sustainable lifestyle, especially when it comes to our homes. The kitchen is one of the main areas where we can make a big impact. We can significantly reduce our waste and carbon footprint by making simple changes to our daily habits and incorporating eco-friendly products. That's why we've compiled a list of 14 easy zero-waste kitchen swaps you can make for an eco-friendly home. From reusable glass containers to compost bins, these swaps will help you create a more sustainable kitchen while saving you money in the long run. Let's dive in and start making a difference!



    14 Zero Waste Kitchen Swaps for an Eco-friendly Home

    1. Compostable Coffee Filters

    Let’s be honest; there’s nothing quite like a strong cup of coffee in the morning, but don’t let single-use coffee pods leave a bitter taste in your mouth! Compostable coffee filters are a great way to reduce kitchen waste with every cup of coffee. These filters work just like regular filters, but they’re fully compostable and biodegradable, meaning they won’t damage the environment. Check that any potential purchase is FSC-Certified, meaning they are made from forests that are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

    Egg plant, peach, and orange pop-up sponges

    2. Biodegradable Pop-up Sponges

    Pop-up sponges are not only fun to use, but they are also a great eco-friendly alternatives to traditional sponges. Made from natural plant cellulose, they're fully compostable and biodegradable, meaning they won't damage the environment. Plus, their compact design makes them easy to store, helping you cut down on clutter in your kitchen.



    3. Loofah Sponge Made From Luffa Plant

    You may have encountered the humble loofah in your bathroom, but they also make fabulous eco-friendly additions to your kitchen. They come from the luffa plant, a tropical plant in the cucumber family. The outer shell of the mature fruit has a rough texture, making it perfect for cleaning. Being plant-based, you can simply pop them in your compost heap when they’ve passed their best.



    Bamboo bottle and pot brush for cleaning

    4. Bamboo Cleaning Kitchen Brushes

    These durable bamboo cleaning brushes will further reduce the amount of plastic you use in your kitchen. Our aesthetically designed bamboo cleaning brushes with plant-based bristles are designed to make cleaning easier. Check out our complete eco-friendly cleaning set to start your zero-waste journey.



    5. Mason Jars

    Mason jars are ideal for storing food in an eco-friendly house. They’re environmentally friendly and can be used for years without deteriorating unless, of course, you drop them! If you’re concerned with storing food in plastic containers, mason jars can help put your mind at rest. Even when heated, glass is an inert substance, meaning it won’t leach chemicals into food.



    14 Zero Waste Kitchen Swaps for an Eco-friendly Home 

    6. Glass Food Storage Containers

    Glass food storage containers are the perfect eco-friendly way to store all kinds of food. Glass is freezer, oven and dishwasher safe and microwaveable, so one container has a range of uses. As mentioned earlier, glass won’t leach chemicals into your food, even when heated.



    7. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

    Stainless steel coffee mugs allow you to take your coffee on the go without relying on single-use cups. They’re light and portable, so you can take them anywhere, and some retailers even offer discounts to those who purchase a beverage using a reusable mug. Being made of stainless steel makes them durable, so you can use them over and over again.



    Zero waste bamboo soap tray

    8. Bamboo Soap Tray

    A bamboo soap tray is the perfect eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative for storing your soap bars. The superhero of sustainability, bamboo dries quicker than other woods, making it more water-resistant and less prone to cracking. Additionally, bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and doesn't require pesticides or fertilizers to thrive.



    Eco-friendly dish soap brick

    9. Dish Soap Brick

    A dish soap brick is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to wash your dishes. One brick replaces up to five plastic bottles of liquid dish soap, reducing the amount of plastic ending up in landfills. As if those eco-friendly credentials weren’t enough, this dish soap brick is handmade, vegan and free from additives or preservatives. Find out more here.



    Reusable produce bags

    10. Reusable Produce Bags

    Reusable produce bags eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags at the grocery store. They are the perfect zero-waste swap! These fabric bags are washable, so you can use them again and again, made from organic cotton, and compostable. The reusable produce bags also come in a range of sizes, making them practical and easy to use. Discover the power of reusable produce bags here.



    14 Zero Waste Kitchen Swaps for an Eco-friendly Home

    11. Composting

    Home composting is a must for a zero-waste kitchen. Rather than throwing your organic household waste into the garbage, you can convert it into a usable product. Composting is a natural process in which organic material is transformed into a soil-like product that your garden will love! Kitchen scraps like fruit scraps, vegetable trimmings, wine corks, and even tea bags can all be used for composting. Find out how you can make your own backyard compost here.


    12 Eco-friendly House Swaps - Kitchen Edition

    12. Swedish Sponge Cloth

    A familiar sight in Swedish kitchens for decades, these plant-based sponge cloths are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper towels. In fact, one cloth can replace the use of 17 rolls of paper towels! Great for dishes, shoes, or any cleaning needed! These ingenious cloths can absorb up to 3/4 of a cup of liquid, making them ideal for cleaning up spills, drying dishes and pots and wiping down countertops and other surfaces. Each cloth last over 12 months and is 100% compostable. Check out our range of Swedish sponge cloths.



    14 Zero Waste Kitchen Swaps for an Eco-friendly Home

    13. Beeswax Wraps

    Beeswax wraps are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap! Made from cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, these wraps can be reused for up to a year and then composted at the end of their life. Not only do they cut down on plastic waste, but they also help keep food even fresher without the need for single-use plastics.



    14. Bamboo or Metal straws

    Bamboo or metal straws are fantastic for an eco-friendly kitchen because they are reusable and don't contribute to the growing plastic waste problem. Plastic straws are one of the most common single-use plastics in landfills and the ocean, harming wildlife and damaging the environment. Using bamboo or metal straws can help reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.



    Make Your Home Greener

    If you’re interested in running your home in a more environmentally friendly way, feel free to explore our wide range of sustainable, low/zero-waste, eco-friendly products. We have taken the time and energy to assemble a great online collection designed to make it easier than ever to make your home better for Mother Nature. From eco-friendly kitchenware to sustainable and reusable storage containers, it’s easier than ever to move towards a more sustainable way of life!


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